PE and Swimming Information September 2023

PE and Swimming Information September 2023

PE and Swimming Information

Both PE and Swimming will commence from Sunday 27th August, 2023 for Reception-Year 6. Please ensure your child has the items from the checklist below in order to participate fully in all lessons. Both lessons are compulsory and a key part of the Physical Education Curriculum, therefore, all children must participate weekly. If for any medical reason your child is unable to take part in PE or swimming, please provide them with a medical note to excuse them.

PE Kit:

–       School House coloured T-shirt (available from the School Uniform Shop)

–       RFS Navy blue shorts (available from the School Uniform Shop)

–       White, black, grey, navy or blue trainers (non-marking soles)  

Swimming Kit:

–       Girls- A one-piece navy blue costume for girls (available from the School Uniform Shop)

–       Boys- Navy blue ‘tight fitting’ Jammer style swimming shorts. (available from the School Uniform Shop) Board short style shorts must not be worn.

–       Latex swimming cap (available from the School Uniform Shop)

–       Flip flops or waterproof style shoes

–       Towel

–       Goggles (optional)   

Swimming Days

During swimming days, it is expected that all students from Reception to Year 6 come to school dressed in their complete school uniform. Additionally, they should carry their swimming kit in a bag.

PE Days

On days when your child has a scheduled PE lesson before first break, they may wear their PE kit to school. However, if this is not the case, it is necessary for all students to wear the full school uniform, including black school shoes, and bring their PE kit in a bag.

*Scheduled PE Lesson before first break, therefore may wear PE kit to school.


Class Swimming PE
Rec Rays Monday Wednesday *
Rec Lobsters Sunday Wednesday *
Year 1 Dolphins Monday Thursday *
Year 1 Whales Monday Sunday *
Year 2 Turtles Tuesday Thursday *
Year 2 Sharks Thursday Monday
Year 3 Camels Wednesday Sunday
Year 3 Gazelles Wednesday Sunday
Year 4 Wolves Tuesday Monday
Year 4 Leopards Thursday Monday
Year 5 Kingfishers Sunday Wednesday
Year 5 Owls Tuesday Wednesday
Year 6 Eagles Thursday Tuesday
Year 6 Falcons Sunday Tuesday


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